Transgrid (Integriti)

Project overview

This case study highlights how Secure People, a trusted security solutions provider, was engaged by BGIS to upgrade Trangrid’s entire security network. The project involved transitioning from the outdated Inner Range Concept system to the advanced Inner Range Integriti system. Secure People successfully installed the Integriti controllers across 120 sites, enabling centralized management of alarms and access control through the Integriti Pro platform. The project also involved comprehensive training and certifications to ensure a smooth rollout and successful implementation.

Client Overview: Trangrid’s Security Upgrade
Trangrid, a prominent energy transmission network company, sought to upgrade its security network to enhance overall safety and streamline access control processes. The existing Inner Range Concept system was outdated and no longer met Trangrid’s evolving security requirements. As a result, BGIS, a leading facilities management company, engaged Secure People to upgrade the entire security infrastructure across Trangrid’s sites.

Engagement of Secure People
BGIS, responsible for managing Trangrid’s facilities, selected Secure People based on their expertise in security solutions and their track record of delivering successful projects. Secure People’s strong partnership with Inner Range, the manufacturer of the Integriti system, and their technical proficiency made them the preferred choice for this critical upgrade.

Design and Implementation
4.1 Inner Range Integriti System Secure People installed Inner Range Integriti controllers across 120 sites, replacing the outdated Inner Range Concept system. The Integriti system provided advanced features for managing alarms and access control, ensuring a robust and comprehensive security solution. The Integriti Pro platform served as the central management tool, enabling efficient control and monitoring of the entire security network.

4.2 Alarms and Access Control Secure People seamlessly integrated the Integriti system with Trangrid’s existing infrastructure to ensure ease of use and compatibility. The access control component included the distribution of alarm codes, simplifying the process of granting authorized personnel access to various areas within the facilities.

Training and Rollout
To ensure a successful transition and implementation, Secure People’s staff underwent comprehensive training and certification programs to become proficient in the Inner Range Integriti system. This training equipped the team with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and support the upgraded security network effectively. The dedicated efforts of Secure People’s staff enabled a smooth rollout and timely completion of the project.

Preferred Electronic Security Supplier
Following the successful upgrade, Secure People became the preferred electronic security supplier for BGIS regarding Trangrid sites. This recognition demonstrates the quality of work and the level of satisfaction achieved through the upgrade project. Secure People now assumes responsibility for ongoing service and maintenance, ensuring Trangrid’s security infrastructure remains in optimal condition.

Additional Projects: Large-Scale CCTV Implementation
In addition to the security network upgrade, Secure People successfully completed a large-scale CCTV project for Trangrid. This project encompassed high-level civil works and fiber connections to establish a comprehensive surveillance infrastructure. The implemented CCTV solution provided enhanced monitoring capabilities, further strengthening Trangrid’s overall security.

Secure People’s engagement by BGIS to upgrade Trangrid’s security network from the outdated Inner Range Concept system to the advanced Inner Range Integriti system exemplifies their expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality security solutions. The successful implementation of the Integriti system, comprehensive training, and ongoing service provision have solidified Secure People’s position as the preferred electronic security supplier for Trangrid. The streamlined security infrastructure ensures a safer environment and efficient access control processes, enabling Trangrid to focus on its core operations with confidence.

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