Scania (Protege, Nx Witness & Hanwha)

Project overview

The following case study showcases how Secure People, a leading security solutions provider, was engaged by Taylor Constructions to design and implement an advanced electronic security system for Scania’s new servicing facility at Easter Creek. The project aimed to enhance the facility’s security, streamline access control, and provide a scalable solution for future expansion.

Client Overview: Scania’s New Holding Facility
Scania, a renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer, commissioned the construction of a new holding facility at Easter Creek. The facility would serve as a hub for their staff and trucks involved in servicing and maintenance operations. To safeguard the valuable assets and ensure the safety of personnel, Scania sought a comprehensive electronic security system.

Engagement of Secure People
Taylor Constructions, the primary contractor for the holding facility project, collaborated with Secure People to design and implement an advanced electronic security system. Secure People’s expertise in security solutions and their track record of successful implementations made them the preferred choice for the project.

Design and Implementation
4.1 ICT Protege System Secure People installed the ICT Protege system, a robust and user-friendly platform for managing alarms and access control. This system provided Scania with seamless control and monitoring capabilities, allowing them to easily manage access permissions and track security events within the facility.

4.2 Kloud Access Management Platform To streamline access control, Secure People integrated the Kloud Access management platform. This cloud-based solution enabled the distribution of Bluetooth mobile credentials, offering convenience and flexibility for authorized personnel while maintaining high security standards.

4.3 CCTV Surveillance Secure People employed a strong CCTV video management system called NxWitness. This VMS provided Scania with comprehensive monitoring capabilities and allowed for the seamless integration of various CCTV cameras. Hanwha cameras, renowned for their quality and reliability, were selected to complement the VMS. These cameras featured built-in smart analytics and smart searching capabilities, enhancing the facility’s security and enabling efficient incident investigations.

Benefits and Outcomes
5.1 Enhanced Security The electronic security system implemented by Secure People significantly enhanced the overall security of Scania’s holding facility. The combination of access control measures, video surveillance, and intelligent analytics provided a robust defense against unauthorized access and potential security threats.

5.2 Streamlined Operations The integration of the ICT Protege system and Kloud Access platform simplified access control management, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing operational efficiency for Scania. The use of Bluetooth mobile credentials offered convenience for authorized personnel, enabling seamless access to the facility.

5.3 Scalability and Future Expansion Secure People’s solution provided Scania with a scalable infrastructure capable of accommodating future growth and expansion. The centralized management software facilitated easy control and monitoring of multiple sites, ensuring consistent security standards across Scania’s operations.

Secure People successfully designed and implemented an advanced electronic security system for Scania’s new holding facility at Easter Creek. The integration of the ICT Protege system, Kloud Access platform, and strong CCTV VMS with Hanwha cameras delivered enhanced security, streamlined operations, and scalability for future growth. Scania can now confidently manage and protect their valuable assets while providing a safe environment for their staff and maintaining centralized security management moving forward.

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