Powerhouse Museum (Gallagher, Genetec & Pelco)

Project overview


The Power House Museum Castle Hill sought to upgrade its existing security infrastructure to ensure comprehensive protection for its valuable assets and enhance visitor safety. Ergo Electrical and Taylor Contructions partnered with Secure People, a leading provider of electronic security solutions, to design and implement an advanced electronic security system. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Secure People and the museum, outlining the challenges faced, the solutions provided, and the overall outcomes achieved.


The Power House Museum Castle Hill is a state-of-the-art facility that houses valuable exhibits and artifacts. With the increasing need for robust security measures, the museum engaged Secure People to design and install an advanced electronic security system. The project aimed to replace the existing legacy Honeywell and Pelco VMS systems while implementing an integrated solution for alarms, access control, and video management.

Client Requirements

The Power House Museum Castle Hill had several specific requirements for the electronic security system, including;
– Seamless integration of alarms and access control components.
– Centralized control and monitoring through an off-site Gallagher Command Centre.
– Utilization of strong and reputable brands, products, and technologies.
– Incorporation of smart analytics and search capabilities for enhanced surveillance.
– Phased cut-over process for the replacement of legacy systems.

Solution Provided

Secure People proposed a comprehensive solution to meet the museum’s requirements;

Gallagher System Secure People installed the Gallagher system, which seamlessly integrated alarms and access control components. This allowed for efficient management and control of the security system.

Gallagher Command Centre The off-site Gallagher Command Centre provided a centralized hub for monitoring and control, enabling real-time response and incident management across multiple locations.

Genetec VMS and Pelco Cameras Secure People utilized Genetec’s strong CCTV Video Management System and incorporated Pelco Cameras with built-in smart analytics. This combination ensured high-quality video surveillance with advanced analytics and intelligent search capabilities.

Phased Cut-Over The project involved the phased cut-over from the existing legacy Honeywell and Pelco VMS systems to the new solution. Secure People planned and executed the migration process to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

Challenges Faced

The project presented several challenges;

Complex Integration Integrating the alarms, access control, and video management components required careful planning and coordination to ensure seamless operation.

Existing Legacy Systems The replacement of the long-standing Honeywell and Pelco VMS systems necessitated a thorough understanding of the museum’s infrastructure to ensure a successful transition without compromising security.

State-of-the-Art Building Installing the electronic security system in the museum’s state-of-the-art building required careful consideration of architectural elements and aesthetic requirements.

Implementation and Outcomes

Secure People successfully implemented the electronic security system, addressing the challenges and meeting the client’s requirements. The outcomes achieved were:

Enhanced Security The new system provided improved security measures through integrated alarms, access control, and video surveillance.

Centralized Monitoring The Gallagher Command Centre enabled real-time monitoring and management, increasing the efficiency of security operations.

Advanced Analytics The Genetec VMS, combined with Pelco Cameras’ smart analytics, offered enhanced surveillance capabilities, including intelligent search functionalities.

Smooth Transition The phased cut-over process ensured a seamless transition from the legacy systems, minimizing disruptions to the museum’s operations.


Secure People’s engagement with Ergo Electrical & Taylor Contructions to design and install the electronic security system at the Power House Museum Castle Hill demonstrates the successful implementation of a comprehensive security solution. The collaboration resulted in enhanced security measures, centralized control, advanced analytics, and a smooth transition from legacy systems. The project showcases Secure People’s expertise in delivering tailored electronic security solutions for complex environments, ensuring the protection of valuable assets and visitor safety.

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