NSW Rugby Union Centre of Excellence (Integriti, Milestone & AXIS)

Project overview


The NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence is a premier facility designed to accommodate the NSW Waratahs Men’s and Women’s rugby teams, as well as serve as the hub for NSW Rugby and Waratahs staff. Ergo Electrical and Kane Constructions engaged Secure People, a leading electronic security solutions provider, to design and install an advanced security system for the facility. This case study explores how Secure People successfully implemented an Electronic Security system, integrating the Inner Range Integriti system for alarms and access control, and leveraging strong brands like Milestone and AXIS for CCTV surveillance, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all occupants.

Project Overview

2.1. Client Profile Ergo Electrical & Kane Constructions

2.2. Objective Design and install an advanced electronic security system for the NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence.

2.3. Scope Implement Inner Range Integriti system for alarm and access control management, incorporate Milestone VMS and AXIS cameras for CCTV surveillance.

2.4. Key Features Bluetooth mobile credentials, ease of management with Integriti, smart analytics and searching capabilities.

Challenges Faced

3.1. Complex Facility Requirements The NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence comprises multiple areas, including the field, gym, pool, and recovery areas, necessitating a comprehensive security solution.

3.2. High-profile Occupants The facility hosts the NSW Waratahs teams and staff, demanding stringent security measures to protect valuable assets and ensure the privacy of individuals.

3.3. Integration Complexity Integrating different security systems (Integriti, Milestone VMS, and AXIS cameras) required careful planning and coordination.

Secure People’s Solution

4.1. Inner Range Integriti System

4.1.1. Alarms Management Secure People implemented the Integriti system to manage alarms effectively, ensuring quick response times to potential security breaches.

4.1.2. Access Control The Integriti system enabled seamless access control management, including the distribution of Bluetooth mobile credentials, enhancing convenience and security for authorized personnel.

4.2. Milestone VMS and AXIS Cameras

4.2.1. High-Quality Surveillance Secure People utilized the Milestone VMS, a robust video management system, to integrate with AXIS cameras for comprehensive surveillance coverage across the facility.

4.2.2. Smart Analytics The incorporated smart analytics and searching capabilities provided by both Milestone and AXIS enhanced the effectiveness of the CCTV system, enabling proactive security measures and efficient incident investigation.

Results and Benefits

5.1. Enhanced Security The implemented electronic security system ensures the safety and protection of occupants, assets, and sensitive information within the NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence.

5.2. Efficient Operations The ease of use and management offered by the Inner Range Integriti system streamlined security operations and minimized administrative tasks.

5.3. Proactive Threat Detection The advanced features of the Milestone VMS and AXIS cameras, such as smart analytics, enable proactive identification of potential threats and rapid response.

5.4. Scalability and Future-Proofing The selected security components provide scalability and flexibility to accommodate future expansion and technological advancements.


Secure People successfully designed and installed an advanced electronic security system for the NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence, meeting the complex requirements of the facility and ensuring the safety of its occupants. The integration of Inner Range Integriti for alarms and access control, along with the use of Milestone VMS and AXIS cameras for CCTV surveillance, equipped the facility with a robust and future-proof security infrastructure. Through their expertise and collaboration with reputable brands, Secure People has provided Ergo Electrical and Kane Constructions with a comprehensive security solution that aligns with the high standards required by the NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence.

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