Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring

Product Description

An end-to-end, purpose-built platform that can consistently stop crime before it happens. The best way to stop a would-be criminal in their tracks is with Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM). As the name says, it is proactive – meaning that action is taken in advance of an incident, not during or after it occurs. Proactive video monitoring allows for our team of expertly trained intervention specialists at our state-of-the-art monitoring centers to intervene before a crime occurs, effectively preventing it from being committed. The intelligent detection solution delivers 24/7/365
protection, reducing the need to hire security guards, while improving the ability to monitor and respond to potential threats.

Product Features

  • 24/7 intelligent proactive monitoring
  • Real-time detection and intervention
  • Live, personalised audio warnings
  • Reduce costly false alarms
  • State of the art locally-based monitoring facilities
  • 75% cost savings over physical security guards
  • Incident reporting within 24hours

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