Product Description

Verkada Air Quality Sensors help customers monitor spaces where cameras cannot be deployed and get insight into environmental conditions that cameras cannot detect. From protecting school bathrooms against bullying and vaping to gathering real-time insight into air quality conditions like carbon dioxide levels, Verkada sensors enable customers to manage and protect their environments more comprehensively. Verkada’s sensors are all-in-one-sensor devices that deliver a proactive, real-time and secure way to monitor, understand and act on complex environmental conditions across every type of indoor space. Designed for accuracy, speed and synthesis, the SV series environmental sensors monitor environmental conditions to identify important information and provide organizations with simplified, real-time tools and insights so they can protect populated spaces, monitor critical assets, catch targeted incidents and more.

Product Features

  • Up to 15 sensors to capture real-time information and protect against unwanted environmental conditions
  • Simplified, single device system provides a unified way to monitor indoor environments
  • Understand environmental conditions down to a fraction of a degree
  • Edge-based, proprietary algorithms provide unprecedented insight on your environmental conditions
  • Capture and alert on complicated environmental conditions in less than 1 second
  • Store up to 365 days of environmental information on device
  • Durable, vandal-resistant design that mounts on walls or ceilings
  • PoE-powered device is simple-toinstall and can be online in minutes
  • Unified device with air quality, audio and environmental sensors

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