Product Description

The Openpath Keypad Reader revolutionises PIN code access. Designed for ease of use for both credentialed users and visitors, the reader also supports multi-factor authentication with any combination of credentials and access methods. Built to last, the durable, capacitive touch keypad prevents spoofing, and the multi-technology, cloud-based device allows remote unlock and PIN-activated Lockdown, plus is backward compatible with third-party access systems through mobile gateway.

Product Features

  • Modern design, can seamlessly blend into or upgrade the aesthetics of any entry
  • Indoor/outdoor design
  • Supports auxiliary Wiegand readers connected through the Openpath reader
  • Functions seamlessly with the Openpath mobile app on both Android and iOS
  • Works with Smart Watches in addition to the mobile app
  • Supports remote unlocking with user-level privileges
  • Supports PIN functionality
  • Supports two-factor authentication (2FA) & multi-factor authentication (MFA)

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