Product Description

X series 12 MP Sensor AI IR 360 Outdoor Fisheye Camera – Wisenet Fisheye cameras are a perfect solution for situational awareness for large areas where you need complete coverage with no blindspots. Easily dewarp the image on-the-fly while recording the full fisheye image. No need to worry about a PTZ positioned in the wrong area!

Product Features

  • AI Engine for forensic search and analytic event false alert reduction, Classified object type: Person/Face/Vehicle/License plate – Support Detection Shot
  • 3008 x 3008 resolution, 30fps
  • 1.08mm Stereographic type lens, enhanced resolution for the peripheral regions (187⁰X187⁰) W/ simple focus
  • Built-in IR for up coverage up to 42′ with Wise IR II multi-zone IR management
  • Fisheye, Single panorama, Double panorama, Quad view
  • Multiple virtual channels for easy dewarping views
  • WiseStream III compression technology
  • Analytics events based on AI engine: Object detection (Person/Face/Vehicle/License plate), IVA (Virtual line/Area, Enter/Exit, Loitering, direction, intrusion)
  • Analytics events : Defocus detection, Motion detection, Tampering, Fog detection, Audio detection, Sound classification
  • Business Intelligence Based on AI engine : People counting, Queue management, Heatmap

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