Product Description

Wisenet WAVE VMS features a very unique adaptive scaling technology which dynamically switches between the high resolution and low resolution images depending on the CPU usage of the client PC. It is an endlessly customizable IP Video Management platform that gives users the ability to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of project, for use by anyone, on any device. Wisenet WAVE has applications for all major operating systems so our users are not limited by what device or operating system they choose to use on their desktops, mobile devices, rack mount servers, or even low-powered embedded devices.

Product Features

  • H.265
  • WiseStream
  • All triggering events including sound classification and loitering
  • Simple Focus / Initialize Focus / Lens Control settings
  • Multi-directional camera support
  • Hallway view
  • Camera profile/image configuration
  • PTZ preset Sync

the possibilities.

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